About Us

 E-Star packaging equipment company was established in2001 inNanhai district, Foshan city, GuangDong province, we have cooperated with the world well-known industry automatic appliance manufacturers such as B&R, SIEMENS, Rockwell, Schneider, Nordson, Robatech and so on, researching and developing various filling machines, labeling machines, carton packaging machine, heat shrink film packaging machine, empty bottle vision detector, dairy products vision detector, bar code vision detector, trademark vision detector, bottle neck vision detector, identity vision detector, loading & unloading machine, robot palletizing machine, Longmen type stacking machine, various forms of conveying chain and whole line equipment used in the production of food, beverage, beer, spices & condiment, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

 The company offers bottled beer production line with various specification, draught beer machine, stainless steel barrel, as standard drafting company in heat shrink film packaging machine in light industry of China, we have participated in drafting the standards in the industry, at the same time, we also have participated in drafting the standards of cardboard automatic folding & wrapping packaging machine, high-speed automatic separator, FullBox Testing Machine. The company has a large number of professionals in researching and developing devices applying in manufacturing and packaging beers, beverages, and foods from project engineering design, equipment production to installation, the company adheres to the business philosophy "technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence", and service mission "dedicated to create value for customers", provide whole production line equipments, packaging equipments, technical service, and project design for our customers in beer, beverage, water, iced tea, cooking oil, soy sauce, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, creating a comprehensive balance control system for the whole line including production and packaging for beer and beverage industry, we have improved the efficiency and cost in the whole production line, the company won the honorary titles "customer satisfaction in high quality of equipments" and "best supplier in the packaging of beer, food, beverage industries". 

 As a pioneer in packaging industry, E-Star relies on technological innovation for years, we have introduced advanced technologies and excellent workmanship on devices in order to meet the needs of our customers. In the past over ten years, we provided whole line devices and kits, manufacturing and design of the equipments has reached the advanced level in the domestic and international markets.   

 E-Star is always based on technological innovation, our mission is to create value for customers, professional, dedicated, quality, innovation, offers excellent service to meet the needs of our customers, is the foundation of our enterprise.

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